About Our Training

Today, Destination Driving School is one of the best Road Safety trainers in Quebec, We are Recognized by SAAQ and AQTR.

Business Details

Destination Driving school must adhere to well established enterprise policies and high quality standards. In fact some of our standards are more demanding than some of the Government criteria.

When a client chooses a driving school he/she must make sure they receive the services that they are entitled to: a clearly spelled out contract without hidden or obscure clauses, transparent prices and well understood formalities should be the criteria.

Our Success

  • Destination Driving Schools teach Road Safety and train more than 200 drivers a year. That makes us one of the success-full Driving School in Quebec.

  • While laws were evolving and the industry went through regulating and deregulating a few times Destination Driving School adapted and counting on its solid experience in Road Safety, professional customer service and its high quality Training Program that also evolved and adapted within the past 6 years.

A few facts and statistics

  • Established several years ago as a certified school in Quebec.

  • The Destination Driving School has 5 certified training instructors in staff.

  • Training specialists with more than 19 years Experience in the industry.

  • Over 200 new graduates per year.