Driver’s Licence – Passenger Vehicle - Class 5

Step 1

With a parent’s or guardian’s authorization, one can begin the Road Safety Education Program at Destination Driving School at the age of 16. Successfully pass the knowledge test at the end of Module 5 learning module, and earn their learner’s permit.

Step 2

Get your learner’s license, Issued for a minimum of 18 months. You can start driving with our certified monitors who will help you go from becoming a dependent driver to an independent driver. Co-currently you can drive on the road accompanied by a person who has held a valid passenger vehicle driver’s license for at least two years in QC.

Step 3

Once 10 months has passed by from the day you receive your learner’s permit, you can register for the SAAQ knowledge test. Pass the SAAQ knowledge test & eventually the practical test at the SAAQ.

Step 4

You have earned your probationary licence. Issued for a minimum of 24 months.